Er, I’m not gonna wait for permission.  The following quote is taken from a Sunday Independent article on Irish #1 (and world #129) Conor Niland that is so damn good, I’m tempted to just cut and paste the entire thing and dump it all right here.  But I’m fairly sure that may violate a few copyright laws, so instead I’ll just grab this bit and implore you to read the rest:

“People just don’t understand the depth of talent out there. They see a guy ranked 100 and think ‘oh he can’t be very good. He must be a part-timer’. But there are guys in the 700s and they’re seriously good players. I’m not just saying that. It sounds a big number but there are hundreds of good tennis players. It’s a bottleneck. Everybody’s trying to beat each other. Everybody’s looking for the same thing.”

He’s singing my song, Conor is.  Challenger tour-level players are seriously good.  And they rarely get the credit they deserve.  For once, one of those seriously good guys gets the attention I think he deserves.  Go read the article, OK?  It’s a great piece of tennis journalism.