If it seems as if I’ve been entirely neglectful in not mentioning the Sao Paulo Challenger on this alleged Challenger Tennis site, well that’s because I have.  I blame the excitement of the just-completed Brazil F1 Futures event, the onslaught of ATP 250 qualifying events, as well as various nefarious New Years activities.  But mostly I blame society.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you: there’s a challenger this week in Sao Paulo!  A 125K Challenger, no less! (For the uninitiated, this is the highest level of challenger tournaments.)  Actual Big Names like Horacio Zeballos, Maximo Gonzalez, Federico Del Bonis and Ricardo Mello (though not in that order)! 

Teen phenom Tiago Fernandes has already posted a win in the qualifying tourney, which features 31 Brazilians.  And please spare a thought for the only non-Brazilian who has to play: Gastao Elias, fresh (?) off his win at the F1 Futures earlier today, is thrown back into the mix to play qualies this afternoon.  Survey says: ouch.