A few qualifying matches have been played, and no real surprises so far.  Only noteworthy thing for me is that the trend of Americans having to travel great distances only to end up pitted against one another continues in the new year.  You’ll recall poor Michael McClune went all the way to Japan to get beaten by Nick Monroe in the Toyota Challenger first round last year.  This time he gets taken out by Michael Yani.  The 21-year-old with the booming serve is really having a hard time finding his way back from foot injuries, having lost 11 of his 14 matches since his return.

1st Round

[WC] D Pateau (FRA) d [WC] M Monot (FRA) 64 61

D Propoggia (AUS) d [WC] G Monot (FRA) 60 62

(and there go the Monots)

2nd Round

F Wolmarans (RSA) d [WC] D Pateau (FRA) 61 60
A Weintraub (ISR) d [WC] J Delaplane (FRA) 61 62
M Yani (USA) d M McClune (USA) 76(0) 64

J Dasnieres de Veigy (FRA) d L Frost (AUS) 63 62

D Meffert (GER) d [WC] G Dumas (FRA) 61 63

N Renavand (FRA) d E Firmin (FRA) 76(5) 63