The new rankings have been released, and this week a lot of people backed into Their Career Highs due to other players’ ranking fluctuations, rather than on the strength of their own performances. But the WATCH list doesn’t discriminate – a CH is a CH, and these are they:

Player NATIONALITY New High (Previous High)
Ivan Dodig CROATIA 81 (82)
Marsel Ilhan TURKEY 87 (89)
Dustin Brown GERMAICA 89 (92)
Grigor Dimitrov BULGARIA 105 (106)
Jaroslav Pospisil CZECH REPUBLIC 136 (137)
Alexander Kudryavtsev RUSSIA 147 (149)
Milos Raonic CANADA 152 (153)
Jerzy Janowicz POLAND 159 (160)
Vincent Millot FRANCE 160 (161)
Yuichi Sugita JAPAN 164 (166)
Augustin Genssa FRANCE 189 (190)
Nikola Ciric SERBIA 196 (197)
Bernard Tomic AUSTRALIA 199 (208)
Sebastian Rieschick GERMANY 231 (232)
Amir Weintraub ISRAEL 268 (170)
Fritz Wolmarans SOUTH AFRICA 269 (271)
Clement Reix FRANCE 271 (173)
Pablo Galdon ARGENTINA 282 (284)
Miloslav Mecir SLOVAKIA 293 (295)
Rafael Camilo BRAZIL 305 (306)

Note: the WATCH list focuses only on those players ranked between 80-350 Who’ve Achieved Their Career Highs each week.  Because, theoretically, that’s where Challenger-level players are ranked.  Just go with it.  (What’s that?  You’re interested in the Top 80 too?  Well then go and see what our friends over at Shank Tennis have to say in their Ranking ReportWe got ya covered.)