You know the drill by now, right?  Please tell my you know the drill by now; I don’t want to have to explain the drill again.  Ah, well.  *copies and pastes last week’s explanation in a fit of laziness*

This here list comes out every Monday and consists of Who’s Achieved Their Career Highs (acronym: WATCH, geddit?) that particular week for those players ranked between 80-350 in the world (since that’s the level at which most challenger competitors are ranked, you see).  If you’re interested in people ranked higher than #80, then you’re a) at the wrong site and b) gonna hafta wait for the lazy layabouts over at Shank Tennis to publish their look at rankings for the week.  We sort of do this thing in tandem, you know.  With absolutely no planning or interaction whatsover (which only makes it more impressive – kind of like a blind person driving). 

Here’s this week’s list:

Player NATIONALITY New High Prev High Why?
Somdev Devvarman INDIA 80 94 F Jo’burg
Milos Raonic CANADA 84 94 R2 Jo’burg
Rui Machado PORTUGAL 85 87 R2 Santiago
Jesse Huta Galung NETHERLANDS 112 116 R2 Jo’burg
Izak Van der Merwe SOUTH AFRICA 141 154 SF Jo’burg
Jerzy Janowicz POLAND 149 157 SF Courmayeur
Tatsuma Ito JAPAN 162 175 SF Burnie
Matthias Bachinger GERMANY 163 167 SF Courmayeur
Bastian Knittel GERMANY 167 169 R2 Courmayeur
Robert Farah COLOMBIA 184 185 Others lost points
Augustin Gensse FRANCE 185 189 Others lost points
Nikola Ciric SERBIA 193 194 Others lost points
Marius Copil ROMANIA 205 279 W Kazan
Jurgen Zopp ESTONIA 211 219 QF Kazan
Sebastian Rieschick GERMANY 228 232 R2 Courmayeur
Facundo Bagnis ARGENTINA 238 242 R1 Santiago
Laurent Rochette FRANCE 240 244 R1 Courmayeur
Fernando Romboli BRAZIL 244 245 Others lost points
Alexander Lobkov RUSSIA 253 255 R2 Kazan
Fritz Wolmarans SOUTH AFRICA 255 261 R2 Jo’burg
Romain Jouan FRANCE 258 263 R2 Courmayeur
Amir Weintraub ISRAEL 259 263 Others lost points
Phillip Bester CANADA 268 270 R2 Burnie
Clement Reix FRANCE 270 271 R1 Courmayeur
Jonathan Eysseric FRANCE 276 297 F France F1
Ilya Belyaev RUSSIA 277 284 QF Kazan
Maxime Teixeira FRANCE 283 314 W France F1
Pablo Carreno-Busta SPAIN 300 319 F Spain F3
Daniel Cox GREAT BRITAIN 323 325 Others lost points
Rodrigo Guidolin BRAZIL 350 352 R2 Brazil F6
Joshua Milton GREAT BRITAIN 353 354 Others lost points
Laurynas Grigelis LITHUANIA 366 398 QF Courmayeur
Dusan Lajovic SERBIA 378 403 R1 Zagreb

I extended my arbitrary list parameters beyond the Top 350 this week so I could include Laurynas Grigelis and Dusan Lajovic, simply because I like them.  It’s my list, and I can extend it if I want to. 

Do I have any stunning list analysis?  Not really.  Feeling kind of listless today, really.  But obviously the fallout from the Jo’burg draw having so many Challenger warriors (and ATP neophytes) advancing past the first round had big repercussions at the top of the list (and into the Top 80). 

Anyway, it’s a pretty long list.  You’re probably tired from reviewing it all.  So I’ll let it speak for itself this week.  If you spot any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments as always.  Thanks!

On edit: Hmmm. I should point out the abundance of young ‘uns on this week’s list, as it’s fairly noteworthy – lots of guys around 20 years old on this one.  It also occurs to me that I should start putting “Age” as a column on the list.  Maybe next week.  In the meantime: Raonic, Janowicz, Copil, Bagnis, Lobkov, Eysseric, Belyaev, Cox, and Lajovic are all 20 years old.  Carreno-Busta and Grigelis are 19.