A couple of months ago I wrote about all the mysterious country-switching happening in and around Sweden, mostly among players with an L-I-N-D-?-?-L letter sequence in their surnames (Nick Lindahl and Christian Lindell, to name two) (note: those were the only two).

Well now it appears that at least one of these mysteries has been resolved.  And much as I’d like it to be confirmation of Lindahl’s alleged drunk dial to Tennis Australia’s Craig Tiley, instead I’m reading some news-item tea leaves and coming to the conclusion that the Brazil-raised-and-trained Lindell will, in fact, be playing for the blue and gold of Sweden for the foreseeable future.

“I’m Swedish, damn it!”

A poorly Google-translated Brazilian article (with the tantalizing title: “Lindell train with Sweden in Davis and can stay away from Brazil”) states the 19-year-old talent “was invited by Thomas Enqvist for a week to train with the team’s Swedish Davis Cup home to the expectation of being drafted for the duel against Russia.”  In which case, he’d be prevented from representing Brazil for at least two years.

All of which leads me to wonder: where does this leave Nick’s Swedish Davis Cup hopes?  Is he still in their plans?  After all, Enqvist swooped in after Lindahl in much the same way a year ago or so.

 Even Brydan Klein is worried about him, at this point.

Edited to add: Here’s a better article which confirms it (although it’s probably just as crappy a translation).