It’s time again for that most beloved of weekly features (that I haven’t done in a month), the W.A.T.C.H. list.  For those who’ve forgotten, WATCH is a very clever acronym I made up that stands for Who’s Achieved Their Career Highs? Here’s how it works: I list who’s achieved their career highs. Elegant in its simplicity!

Something else you should know: I only list those players whose rankings are between #80-350, as they’re the ones most likely to show up in Challenger draws from week to week.  Our friends at Shank Tennis used to kind of cover me when it came to those merry ranksters in the Top 80, but since I haven’t held up my end of our tag-team bargain lately, they are under no obligation to hold up theirs.  (Although, to be fair to myself, only two new sets of ATP Rankings have come out in the last month or so, as the week-and-a-half formats of Miami and Indian Wells wreak havoc with the schedule.)

But enough of this procedural prattle. Here’s this week’s list:

Player NATIONALITY Age New High Prev High Why?
Go Soeda JAPAN 26 91 104 W Pingguo
Andreas Haider-Maurer AUSTRIA 24 96 113 W Caltanissetta, SF Barletta
Lukas Rosol CZECH REPUBLIC 25 123 131 SF Barletta
Matthias Bachinger GERMANY 24 133 151 F Pingguo
Franco Skugor CROATIA 23 149 150 Others lost points
Rogerio Dutra de Silva BRAZIL 27 154 157 QF Barranquilla
Robert Farah COLOMBIA 23 178 182 QR2 Miami, R2 Barranquilla
Augustin Gensse FRANCE 27 180 185 SF Marrakech, QF St. Brieuc
Jurgen Zopp ESTONIA 23 189 194 SF Bath
Facundo Bagnis ARGENTINA 21 190 227 W Barranquilla
Maxime Teixeira FRANCE 22 191 267 W St. Brieuc, F Marrakech
Matteo Viola ITALY 23 192 208 F Caltanissetta, R2 Barletta
Sebastian Rieschick GERMANY 25 208 209 Others lost points
Victor Estrella DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 30 210 211 Others lost points
Cedrik-Marcel Stebe GERMANY 20 219 234 SF Pingguo
Laurent Rochette FRANCE 23 236 240 QF St. Brieuc
Fernando Romboli BRAZIL 22 245 246 Others lost points
Phillip Bester CANADA 22 247 250 Others lost points
Kenny de Schepper FRANCE 23 251 280 R2 St. Brieuc, F France F5
Jonathan Eysseric FRANCE 20 258 263 R2 Caltanissetta
Artem Smirnov UKRAINE 23 263 289 W Ukraine F3
Valery Rudnev RUSSIA 23 267 272 W Russia F2
Harri Heliovaara FINLAND 21 272 285 R2 Pingguo
Florian Reynet FRANCE 24 273 275 SF Turkey F9, R2 Croatia F3
Daniel Cox GREAT BRITAIN 20 274 290 R2 Bath
Adam Kellner HUNGARY 24 275 321 W India F3, SF India F2
Dusan Lajovic SERBIA 20 276 362 W Italy F3, W Italy F2
Kristijan Mesaros CROATIA 22 287 313 W Croatia F3
Jan-Lennard Struff GERMANY 20 329 350 W Spain F9
Gerard Granollers-Pujol SPAIN 22 331 349 W Portugal F3, QR2 St. Brieuc
Christian Lindell SWEDEN 19 336 342 R1 Marrakech (qualified)

Special congrats to Japan’s Go Soeda for finally cracking the Top 100 after sniffing at the outer edges of it for three years. Same for Austria’s Andreas Haider-Maurer, who’s been Top 500 since 2006 and Top 250 since 2009.

That’s all for now – see you next month week!