OK, folks. I’ll bring you this week’s W.A.T.C.H. List, but I must warn you: it’s abysmal.

Since the rankings this week are based solely upon five Futures tournaments, there are very few players achieving their career highs via on-court achievements. Thus, over half of this week’s table find themselves backing into their personal bests because adjacent players on the ATP Rankings table are a bunch of point-losers:

Player NATIONALITY Age New High Why
Germain Gigounon BEL 24 237 others lost points
Jose Checa-Calvo ESP 28 239 others lost points
Borna Coric CRO 17 303 Turkey F51 W
Alexey Vatutin RUS 21 385 others lost points
Ivan Arenas-Gualda ESP 23 389 others lost points
Tihomir Grozdanov BUL 26 394 Qatar F5 R2
Ricardo Urzua-Rivera CHI 24 414 Chile F12 SF
Tomas Lipovsek Puches ARG 20 415 Chile F12 QF
Yoshihito Nishioka JPN 18 442 Chile F12 W
Facundo Mena ARG 21 492 Brazil F21 QF
Martin Cuevas URU 21 522 others lost points
Pedro Cachin ARG 18 544 others lost points
Tim Nekic GER 21 574 others lost points
Jean-Marc Werner GER 23 576 others lost points
Mateo Nicolas Martinez ARG 19 579 others lost points
Jaime Pulgar-Garcia ESP 24 581 others lost points
Mike Urbanija SLO 24 590 others lost points
Tristan Lamasine FRA 20 600 Turkey F50 QF
Vadim Alekseenko UKR 30 609 Turkey F51 R2
Caio Silva BRA 22 615 Brazil F21 SF
Alban Meuffels NED 21 616 Turkey F50 SF


Leading the charge of those who actually did things on court is the boundlessly active Borna Coric, who won the year’s final pro event in Turkey. This must’ve come as quite a relief to Borna’s practice partner of last week, Rafael Nadal, as a Coric loss the week after would’ve reflected quite poorly on him, no doubt*.

By now, you know all about the 17-year-old Croatian sensation, and I’m really only mentioning him so I can include this picture:

Hot Lava - The Lion Cub In A Tiger Suit

Hot Lava – The Lion Cub In A Tiger Suit

The US Open Boys champ finishes 2013 with five Futures titles and a decent 39/12 record on the pro tour.

Next up on our hit parade is Ricardo Urzua-Rivera, whose semi-final showing at the Chile F12 Futures finds the former ITF Junior Top Tenner at No. 414 in this week’s rankings.  The injury-plagued 24-year-old finishes a successful 66/25 year in which he played as many matches (91) as he had in the previous 2.5 seasons combined.

As a result, he’s up about 600 ranking rungs, after beginning the year outside the Top 1000.

His and Urz

His and Urz

And, since I’m completely uninspired, that’s gonna wrap up this year’s W.A.T.C.H. Lists. Next week/year will feature actual on-court achievements from this week’s/next year’s two Challenger events in Noumea and Sao Paulo. Or something. How exciting!

So be safe, everyone, and let’s do this again in 2014!

*can’t seem to find the sarcasm font here.