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Sao Paulo Challenger Quarterfinal Recap

Yesterday I saw the best match of (the week-old) 2011. Today I saw the craziest – although I missed the Falla-Nishikori lunacy in Chennai, it should be said.  But even if I had seen that particular Indian insanity, this match still might out-crazy it. 

I’m speaking, of course, about today’s calamitous quarterfinal between third-seeded Joao Souza and seventh seed Federico Delbonis at the $100,000 Sao Paulo Challenger.  Total loco-motion.

We’ll pick up the action in the first set tiebreak. Souza got the mini-break on the first point but relinquished it on the sixth, and we moved forth on serve until Souza served at 4-5.  The 22-year-old came to net on a good approach that Delbonis met with a better reply, a superb low backhand slice that Joao couldn’t half-volley, giving the 20-year-old Argentinian two set points.  Sousa saved the first with an ace, but Delbo converted the next one on his serve with a couple of forcing forehands, the second of which Joao hit long.  First set to Delbonis 76(5).

Things progressed, as things do, to Federico serving at 3-4 30-40 in the first set – that’s a break point, don’tcha know?  Well, Fede served and volleyed. Except he didn’t need to volley as J-Wow couldn’t get the ball back in play.  And Delbo was able to worm himself out of the jam. *tries not to picture worm-filled jam*

Except! Two games later, he was back in the jam again. Would there be worming?  At 4-5 30-all, Joao jwas 2 points away from the 2nd set. The home crowd rhythmically clapped, as home crowds tend to do.  But Delbo closed out to 5-all on an unreturned approach shot and an ace.

In the next game, Souza opened with a forehand full of longing, over the baseline for 0-15. The Brazilian then came to net on a down the line approach, but was passed with a beautiful forehand crosscourt from the Argie.  Joao disputed the call with the ch/ump, as the crowd whistled its disapproving whistly noises.  This would be a foreshadowing of things to come.

I had a screenshot of this moment, but now it’s gone – have a screenshot of the Groths instead!

Souza returned to the baseline, and aced with a cry of “Allez!” Huh. J-Wow, clearly keyed up, won a long rally on the next point with a deep ball that Delbo couldn’t half-volley off the baseline. 30-all.  A service winner and another “Allez!” got him to game point (and got me to thinking he needed to allez off with the “Allez”s – who do you think you are, Joao, Justine Henin?).  And then Federico forehanded long to cede the 11th game.

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The final match has just been completed, and here are your Sao Paulo Challenger quarterfinal results:

[1] Ricardo Mello d Juan-Pablo Brzezicki 6-2 6-0

[7] Federico Delbonis d [3] Joao Souza 7-6(5) 5-7 6-4

Adrian Menendez-Maceiras d Uladzimir Ignatik 7-6(5) 7-6(1)

[Q] Rafael Camilo d Thomas Fabbiano 6-4 6-4

Save for Ignatik v Menendez, which was not streamed, I was able to watch all of the above matches and will be back with full recaps (and smashingly illustrative screencaps) later on today.

The Delbo-Souza match was… interesting…

Stay tuned!

Good (time-appropriate greeting) everyone! So, I have a question: are you as sick of reading these damn Sao Paulo previews as I am of writing them? Let’s just say, for the sake of this article, that you aren’t. Is that OK? Will that work for you? From my end, well…my Sao Paulo Bureau Chief is on the lam, he’s in the wind, and – worst of all – he doesn’t even exist. So you’ll have to settle for my last-minute cobbled-together preview instead. Here are today’s Bradesco Prime Cup Sao Paulo Challenger quarterfinal match-ups:

[7] Federico Delbonis vs. [3] Joao Souza – The two have met once previously, with Delbo winning 7-6(8) 6-2 on clay at the Braunschweig Challenger in June of 2009. In other news, I love prepositional phrase strings! And brown is my favourite-coloured schweig. Just in case you planned on rewarding my reluctant, previewing diligence with the gift of schweig.

J-Wow is the higher seed and the higher ranked (#111 to #160) and the 22 year-old Brazilian will also have the home crowd in his favour. Therefore I pick Delbonis to win in two tough sets.

[1] Ricardo Mello vs. Juan-Pablo Brzezicki – Wow. This match is really the immoveable object meets the irresistible force. Allow me to explain: Brzezicki, the 28 year-old Argentine, has a 3-1 head-to-head edge over the top seed (although they haven’t met since 2008, but Juan-Pablo’s won the last three in any case); but the 30 year-old Brazilian has never lost at this event – hell, he just lost his first set yesterday to Tsung-Hua Yang and he’s looked good in the two matches I’ve seen him play here. I think Mello gets off the snide here and advances to the semis in straights.

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Sao Paolo Challenger – My So-Called Thursday Wrap-Up

All right, my friends. You all are gonna hafta earn your Thursday Sao Paolo Challenger recap today.  How?  Well, I’m about to get insanely autobiographical, and you’ll have to wade through terrifying glimpses into my mania in order to pick out snippets of tennistical insight and actuality. Why? Because I like you!

Anyway, take a look at this:

click to enlarge

What is this? This, my friends, is my so-called life. An actual screenshot of how my computer looked a few hours ago, as I stretched into hour *mumble* of Deadly-Sinworthy tennis watching. In the upper right is the heart of the operation, the tennis stream, usually pirated off of livescorehunter.com, although I pay for tennistv.com as well (don’t ask me why). This is where the tennis viewing takes place, primarily. A lot of the time, the streams I watch aren’t even as glamorous-looking as the one above (Lapentti-misspellings, horrible font and all). They’re usually smaller and blurrier. And still I watch. Very still, ’cause I’m afraid any slight movement will cause me to lose the feed (kidding) (mostly).

In the bottom-right corner is the control panel of the operation, the “live” scoreboard (though it’s often frozen). There’s another one I have open behind the one in the picture above, which I control-tab over to so I can keep (controlled) tabs on the action in Auckland, Brisbane, Chennai and Doha (it’s as easy as A,B, C) (and D).

The left portion of the screen contains the context, the brain, the additional info that adds substance to what I’m seeing. In this case, it’s a Google-translated (per)version of a just-completed article about a just-completed tenis match (that’s Spanish for “tennis match”). This week, these translations are from Portuguese, and are quite necessary since a) I don’t speak Portuguese and 2) no English media outlet gives a rat’s ass about the kind of tournaments I follow (Challengers and Futures, keep up). I’m using the idiomatic “rat’s ass” phrase on purpose, by the way, in case you’re also reading this on Google-translate, as I’m sure its translation into another language will be titter-inducting.

Often, these articles come with the added hindrance/hilarity of mangled translations, so really, who even knows if the info I give you is correct most of the time? For instance, the one open in the above screenshot has the headline “Delbonis expects tough game in front of beans in SP 4As Open” – I shit you not. Will he really play in front of beans tomorrow?  I have no idea.  Another article I’ll read as background for today’s matches is entitled, “Mello is choking, but eliminates talented pupil of Larri Passos.” Now, I don’t know if this is a crazy translation error, or if the press in Sao Paolo is just refreshingly candid and no-holds-barred. You’ll have to judge for yourself.

Anyway, this is what I go through to produce the kind of high-quality, well-informed, and thoughtful (haha) pieces you read here. The things I do for you people. The things I do for (thirty) love. You’re welcome.

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OK, I should’ve alerted you to this earlier. Asleep at the switch, I am (which is all too appropriate as I’ve had two hours sleep).

Second round action is well underway at the Sao Paulo Challenger.  Take that, Mr. Weatherman!  Plus there’s a new improved stream.

Results So Far:

[7] Federico Delbonis d Guillermo Alcaide 63 36 76(5) & will face [3] Joao Souza in the QF’s. Delbo won their only previous meeting 76(8) 61 at the Braunschweig Challenger in June of 2009.

Thomas Fabbiano maintains his fabbulosity after all, handing Fernando Romboli his third defeat in his last 23 matches, 36 61 61.

Uladzimir Ignatik d Andrea Arnaboldi 76(5) 67(4) 64. He’ll face winner of Molteni v Menendez-Maceiras in QF’s.

[3] Joao Souza d Giovanni Lapentti 6-1 6-4.


Right now, Tsung-Hua Yang and top seed Ricardo Mello are engaged in a quality contest, with the 19 year-old Yang taking the first set 6-3.  Impressive match – more points being won than lost, clean ball-striking, baseline-hugging attack-minded tennis.  Good stuff.  Update: 2-all in the 2nd set, Mello serving at 15-30, gets into an argument with the chair umpire, and Yang doesn’t like it so the two players do a bit of jawing.  The Brazilian fires up and takes the next three points to 3-2*, much to the delight of the home crowd.

Updated Update (now 50% updatier):

(Spoiler alert!)

[1] Ricardo Mello d Tsung-Hua Yang 3-6 6-4 7-6(4)

Juan Pablo Brzezicki d [6] Rogerio Dutra Da Silva 6-4 7-6(2)

Adrian Menendez-Maceiras d Andres Molteni 6-1 6-2

[Q] Rafael Camilo d [2] Horacio Zeballos 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(7)

Will have full match reports up soon.  But I’m watching the Goffinator take on Stan Wawinka at the moment. Don’t hassle the Goff!

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