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It’s time for your favorite reason to get out of bed on Monday — that’s right: this here is this week’s W.A.T.C.H. List! And since today’s List encapsulates two whole weeks of ranking-changing goodness (due to the Australian Open fortnight, of course), there’s theoretically twice the reason to see Who’s Achieved Their Career Highs This Week*.

So let’s have a look:

Player NATIONALITY Age New High Why
Matt Ebden AUS 26 61 Aus Open R2
Bradley Klahn USA 23 82 Maui W
Jesse Huta Galung NED 28 93 others lost points
Peter Gojowczyk GER 24 99 AO FQR, Heilbronn W
Dusan Lajovic SRB 23 102 Aus Open Q, R2
Facundo Arguello ARG 21 114 Bucaramanga QF
Dominic Thiem AUT 20 115 Aus Open Q, R2
Guido Andreozzi ARG 22 134 Bucaramanga QF
Peter Polansky CAN 25 135 AO QR2, Maui QF
Victor Estrella DOM 33 137 others lost points
Damir Dzumhur BIH 21 144 Aus Open Q, R3
Daniel Evans GBR 23 146 Aus Open QR2
Pierre Hugues-Herbert FRA 22 151 Aus Open FQR
Blaz Rola SLO 23 152 Aus Open Q, R2
Nick Kyrgios AUS 18 162 Aus Open R2
Norbert Gombos SVK 23 189 Aus Open QR2
Kristijan Mesaros CRO 25 190 others lost points
Andrea Arnaboldi ITA 26 191 AO QR2, Heilbronn Q/QF
Steven Diez CAN 22 195 others lost points
Austin Krajicek USA 23 210 AO QR2, Maui QF
James McGee IRL 26 212 others lost points

There’s big movement afoot on this week’s List, and not just because it counts for a fourteen day span of results. It’s also due to the fact that players can earn as many ATP points for qualifying in a Slam as they can for reaching the quarterfinals of the biggest $125K Challenger events (and almost as much as they get for winning a 15K Futures event).

Additionally, reaching the second round of the main draw is worth many points as a $125K semifinal showing. If a player makes a run through qualifying into just the second round of a Slam (as Dusan Lajovic, Dominic Thiem, and Blaz Rola did), that’s roughly the chally equivalent of a $125K final.

I’m not exactly sure why (and your theories are welcome), but this week’s List is also the most geographically variegated in memory. Of the 21 players here, 17 different nationalities are represented. Only Australia, Argentina, Canada and the United States can boast repeat career high ranking offenders on this day.

Fourth on this week’s List (but first in our hearts) is the 24-year-old German Peter Gojowczyk, who bursts into the Top 100 for the first time at #99, on the strength of his Oz Open and Heilbronn Challenger showings.

#99 Gojoloons

#99 Gojoloons (photo courtesy of Florian Heer)

Gojo is having, to put it quite technically, one hell of a year.  With his run through quallies into the semis of the ATP 250 in Doha, his qualifying effort in Melbourne and his Heilbronn title, he’s amassed a 14/2 record so far in 2014. His only losses? Rafael Nadal and… Victor Hanescu. (Hmm. Well, we all know it’s been a breakthrough year for Romanians, too.)

“Tomorrow I will have a break and relax a bit. It is great to break into the top 100 for the very first time,” the German said, adding that he plans to play in the Montpellier ATP 250 if he makes it into the main draw.

Further down the List (but no further down in our hearts), we find the 23-year-old American, Austin Krajicek. Though Gojowczyk makes practically everyone short of Stan Wawrinka look bad by comparison, Austin is also having a very fine year, which began with a sweep through quallies and into the quarterfinals of the Noumea Challenger. Overall, the three-time Texas A&M All-American is 7/3 on the singles court.

But wait, there’s more: for the lefty can celebrate both a singles and doubles career high (#85) today. He and Tennys Sandgren (who’s also at a career doubles high of #115) have posted a 6/1 record so far this year, winning the Noumea Challenger and making the semis in Maui.

Sandgren and Krajicek: Serial Trophy Hoisters

Sandgren and Krajicek: Serial Trophy Hoisters

*ranked between No. 60 and No. 300, as ever.

As I was putting together a database of Challenger and Futures players in the Top 500, I compiled just about every available piece of info I could find. And I found that one of the more interesting data fields came from the players’ “Personal Interests”, as listed on their ITF Biography Pages.

If you’ve ever tried researching players outside the Top 200, you’ll probably know how hard it is to dig up any info other than results for said players.  While a large majority of the Top 200 enjoy a lavish paragraph or two on the ATP’s “Personal” profile tab*, often the only sense one can get of a tenniser’s multi-dimensionality comes from this part of their ITF page.

Now, a lot of these interests are fairly drab or predictable; almost 50% of players list either soccer or football, for example.  Or 15% list “golf”, for another. But some are interesting and unique enough that they bear special mention, which is what I’ll do in this post, expertly dividing them into neat-o sub-categories such as:


A few players naturally list “girls” as one of their personal interests (although, predictably, none list them as “women”) — Marton Fucsovics and Brydan Klein among them (insert your own joke here).

That Ball's About To Be Fucsed Up

That Ball’s About To Be Fucsed Up

But only two (2) (TWO!) players list them as “girls!” with an exclamation point: Tunisia’s Malek Jaziri and Israel’s Dudi Sela. If you’ve been following the news, you will find that to be either a remarkable coincidence or Proof Once And For All of God’s Unquestionable Existence.

Oh, and there’s one (very smart) player who knows on what side his croissant is buttered, and that’s Lucas Pouille. Because instead of “girls” or “girls!”, the 19-year-old Frenchman has: “Girlfriend.” Period.

"Ooh la la -- I know how zee croissant is butTAIRED"

“Ooh la la — I know how zee croissant is butTAIRED”


As with Jaziri and Sela, I noticed that Moldovans like ATP #171 Radu Albot and #379 Maxim Dubarenco are the only people who list “walking with friends” as a favored activity.  Not “hanging out with friends” or “visiting with friends” – walking with friends.  Actually, Albot is even more exclusive than Dubarenco is, as he wrote “walking with best friends”.

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity

Are you merely a good friend to Radu? Or are you a best friend? Find out by seeing if he walks with you!

This Moldovan pattern is either further proof of a Universal Order, or just an indication that the Moldovans copied off of each other’s ITF profile questionnaires when they filled them out.


In this increasingly digital age, where 1/4th of all players list one of “internet”, “computer” or “video games” as a main interest, it’s becoming rare to find readers on the tour.

Thus, I am singling out for special commendation Ricardas Berankis, Alejandro Falla, Andrey Golubev (who, in also listing “playing chess” as a favored pursuit, wins the title of Ultra-Nerd) and Uladzimir Ignatik.

"Hi, I'm Andrey Golubev! Have You Ever Read A Book Called "Hitting Back"?

“Hi, I’m Andrey Golubev! Have you ever read a book called “Hitting Back“?

Kimmer Coppejans lists “Manga” as an interest — that’s a kind of Japanese comic book, so I’ll give him half-credit.


One of the few luxuries of being outside the Top 100, I suppose, is that insurance clauses on multi-million dollar sponsorship agreements won’t limit you from your favorite, possibly career-ending adrenalized adventure pursuits.  Yay?

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Brazil F1 Semifinals Are Set!

If you’re a good headline reader, as I suspect you may be, then you’ll know that the semifinals are now set for the Brazil F1 tournament.  You’ve also rendered the first sentence of my article completely worthless – I hope you’re happy!  You may have also guessed that if the semifinals are set, that means the quarterfinals have been played.  Wow – you’re on a real roll today, aren’t you, champ? 

Yes, the quarterfinals have been played, and – as my twitter sidebar would only be too happy to tell you – Andre Ghem defeated fourth-seeded Caio Zampieri 6-3 6-4, 6th seed Tsung-Hua Yang beat 2 seed Guillermo Alcaide 3-6 6-2 6-1, 3rd-seeded Belarussian Uladzimir Ignatik overcame [5] Ricardo Hocevar 3-6 7-6(4) 6-4, and unseeded Gastao Elias upset seventh seed Thomas Fabbiano 3-6 6-1 6-2.

Thus, this here is today’s semifinal line-up:

As you can see, four different nations are represented in our first semi of the season.  Andre is the only remaining home country Ghem after knocking out two of his other compatriots – Charles Costa and Daniel Silva –  in the first and second rounds in addition to Zampieri in the QF’s.  But, hey, it was either them or him, ya know?  Certainly can’t blame the guy.  Unsurprisingly, this will be the first meeting between the 28 year-old Sole Remaining Brazilian and his 19 year-old Taiwanese opponent (and 2011 Challenger Tennis Player To Watch), Tsung-Hua Yang.

And look, I know I’ve been referring to this far too much of late, but it keeps coming up.  Yes, I’m talking about the “Young Guns” spreadsheet from stevegtennis.com.  But it’s interesting that the two players meeting in today’s other semifinal (Ignatik and Elias, in case I’ve lost you) both shared top-tier honors in the 2009 preview.  Rather than making you click on it again and launching all sorts of scary-seeming dialog boxes, I’ll just cut and paste the pertinent info here: 

“Young Guns” 2009

Tier I     2009                            
Player Nat Year W-L 2008 End Jan 5 Feb 2 Mar 2 Apr 6 May 4 Jun 8 Jul 6 Aug 3 Sep 14 Oct 5 Nov 2 Dec 7 2009 End
Berankis, Ricardas LTU 1990 58-27 455 454 458 462 465 490 466 512 539 455 423 417 324 319
Elias, Gastao POR 1990 16-17 578 575 675 667 648 627 612 583 908 854 824 810 774 769
Eysseric, Jonathan FRA 1990 32-29 361 360 358 373 371 369 414 410 520 373 532 506 490 490
Gojowczyk, Peter GER 1989 40-26 346 344 385 430 435 426 409 384 399 411 565 481 392 386
Ignatik, Vladimir BLR 1990 65-25 433 433 475 474 473 461 521 566 523 370 323 279 192 192
Jones, Greg AUS 1989 47-30 434 434 439 404 404 401 367 348 306 265 279 269 252 247
Klizan, Martin SVK 1989 50-24 606 604 603 740 613 594 483 442 328 253 244 236 234 234
McClune, Michael USA 1989 43-25 450 451 480 483 456 444 504 433 391 337 334 341 329 328

I, of course, can go on and on about the different paths and fates of the above-listed players.  But for now, suffice it to say that Ricardas Berankis is now down at the Brisbane International ATP 250 and is now known as “Richard”, and Gastao and Uladzimir – who apparently was once known as “Vladimir”? – are slugging it out in Sao Paulo.  So much can change in a year, eh?   

Or even three years, for that matter.  Which is when these two last met, in a rather exotic locale:  Iggy defeated Elias 6-3 1-6 10-3 in their only previous meeting, at none other than the 2007 Wimbledon Boys Quarterfinals.

Bonded by spreadsheets!  Steeped in lawn-tennissed traditions!  It will be interesting to see what the Futures hold for them today.

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