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As I was putting together a database of Challenger and Futures players in the Top 500, I compiled just about every available piece of info I could find. And I found that one of the more interesting data fields came from the players’ “Personal Interests”, as listed on their ITF Biography Pages.

If you’ve ever tried researching players outside the Top 200, you’ll probably know how hard it is to dig up any info other than results for said players.  While a large majority of the Top 200 enjoy a lavish paragraph or two on the ATP’s “Personal” profile tab*, often the only sense one can get of a tenniser’s multi-dimensionality comes from this part of their ITF page.

Now, a lot of these interests are fairly drab or predictable; almost 50% of players list either soccer or football, for example.  Or 15% list “golf”, for another. But some are interesting and unique enough that they bear special mention, which is what I’ll do in this post, expertly dividing them into neat-o sub-categories such as:


A few players naturally list “girls” as one of their personal interests (although, predictably, none list them as “women”) — Marton Fucsovics and Brydan Klein among them (insert your own joke here).

That Ball's About To Be Fucsed Up

That Ball’s About To Be Fucsed Up

But only two (2) (TWO!) players list them as “girls!” with an exclamation point: Tunisia’s Malek Jaziri and Israel’s Dudi Sela. If you’ve been following the news, you will find that to be either a remarkable coincidence or Proof Once And For All of God’s Unquestionable Existence.

Oh, and there’s one (very smart) player who knows on what side his croissant is buttered, and that’s Lucas Pouille. Because instead of “girls” or “girls!”, the 19-year-old Frenchman has: “Girlfriend.” Period.

"Ooh la la -- I know how zee croissant is butTAIRED"

“Ooh la la — I know how zee croissant is butTAIRED”


As with Jaziri and Sela, I noticed that Moldovans like ATP #171 Radu Albot and #379 Maxim Dubarenco are the only people who list “walking with friends” as a favored activity.  Not “hanging out with friends” or “visiting with friends” – walking with friends.  Actually, Albot is even more exclusive than Dubarenco is, as he wrote “walking with best friends”.

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity

Are you merely a good friend to Radu? Or are you a best friend? Find out by seeing if he walks with you!

This Moldovan pattern is either further proof of a Universal Order, or just an indication that the Moldovans copied off of each other’s ITF profile questionnaires when they filled them out.


In this increasingly digital age, where 1/4th of all players list one of “internet”, “computer” or “video games” as a main interest, it’s becoming rare to find readers on the tour.

Thus, I am singling out for special commendation Ricardas Berankis, Alejandro Falla, Andrey Golubev (who, in also listing “playing chess” as a favored pursuit, wins the title of Ultra-Nerd) and Uladzimir Ignatik.

"Hi, I'm Andrey Golubev! Have You Ever Read A Book Called "Hitting Back"?

“Hi, I’m Andrey Golubev! Have you ever read a book called “Hitting Back“?

Kimmer Coppejans lists “Manga” as an interest — that’s a kind of Japanese comic book, so I’ll give him half-credit.


One of the few luxuries of being outside the Top 100, I suppose, is that insurance clauses on multi-million dollar sponsorship agreements won’t limit you from your favorite, possibly career-ending adrenalized adventure pursuits.  Yay?

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Hello friends. It’s Monday again, that wonderful day in which we delve into a tradition unlike any other — the W.A.T.C.H. List.  The time is now to see Who’s Achieved Their Career Highs this week*:

Player NATIONALITY Age New High
Julian Reister GER 27 90
Tim Smyczek USA 25 100
Alejandro Gonzalez COL 24 106
Alex Kuznetsov USA 26 120
Dominic Thiem AUT 20 149
Facundo Bagnis ARG 23 151
Marco Cecchinato ITA 21 162
Guilherme Clezar BRA 20 171
Radu Albot MDA 23 179
Pierre-Hugues Herbert FRA 22 186
Mohamed Safwat EGY 23 239
Filip Peliwo CAN 19 251
Valery Rudnev RUS 25 259
Theodoros Angelinos GRE 29 292
Mikhail Biryukov RUS 21 293
Bjorn Fratangelo USA 20 294
Alexander Rumyantsev RUS 21 295
Roman Jebavy CZE 23 297
Egar Gerasimov BLR 20 313
Emilio Gomez ECU 21 315

First of all, it’s really nice to see Alex Kuznetsov charting a career high again, after everything he’s been through.  If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, or if you’d just like a handy guide as to how one differentiates Alex Kuznetzov from Andrey Kuznetsov, you’re in luck: I wrote all the answers here.

Next of all, your Sibiu Challenger runner-up, Marco Cecchinato, upjumps 22 rungs on the rankings ladder to #162.  And I continue to insist he looks like an Italian version of Stanislas Wawrinka. You be the judge: yes or no?

Cecch A Rising Star

Cecch A Rising Star

Thirdly, in the excellent book The Geography of Blissauthor Eric Weiner contends that (SPOILER ALERT!!) Moldova is the world’s unhappiest country.  If that’s indeed the case, then maybe Moldovan Radu Albot’s continuous rise will offer some solace.  The former junior combined #11 is up 46 places to ATP #179 this week, courtesy of his Fergana Challenger title.

Not Just A Partial Bot -- Radu Is ALBOT

Not Just A Partial Bot — Radu Is ALBOT

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